Storage Units

Storage Space You Control

There are many things in life that are out of our power – the weather, property prices, and especially the future. Fortunately, when it comes to the space in your life, a Storage Buddy storage unit can help you take some control again. It’s a spare room that’s all yours, for whatever you need to store, for however long or short you need.


We have over 20 different sizes of storage units – from a wardrobe to a warehouse sized storage unit. This means you can choose the storage room that exactly fits your requirement – no more, no less. But how do you know what’s the right size? We understand it can sometimes be difficult to estimate just how much space you’ll need, so we’ve created a handy storage unit size estimator to help.

What happens if you don’t need as much space after a few months? Or you need more? It’s very easy to upsize or downsize your storage unit – to give you even more control.

A storage unit near you

Location is also always important. And we don’t just mean the store’s location (although all our stores are easily accessible by main roads and have free parking), but the storage unit itself. For example, ground floor storage units might be best if you’re a business. We even have drive up storage rooms if you need to do a lot of packing and unpacking. Plus, there are even self-contained external storage units that might suit you best.

Great value

Getting the right sized storage unit means you only pay for the space you need. Our storage units go up 8 foot high too, so you can stack your things vertically to maximise your space (we even have a useful guide to packing and stacking your self storage unit here). And if you’re looking for an even more affordable storage deal, ask us about our value storage units with sloping ceilings or a pillar, which will often be cheaper. High value self storage, at great value prices.

Smaller but mighty

Need a smaller space? Our locker storage units are a perfect size whether you’re a student looking for a place to store your books or a fashionista with a few extra shoes. Our storage lockers are much larger than your average gym lockers, so although they might be smaller than our regular storage rooms, but they can still fit in a lot.

Storage unit security

Did you know that every one of our self storage units are individually alarmed? And we are the only major UK operator to have this level of security. 

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