Renovation or Relocation

In the UK, we love our DIY. From kitchen makeovers to loft conversions, renovations, redecorations and everything in between, Brits are constantly changing the space we live in.

The great news is self storage can help make starting and finishing DIY jobs so much easier, better and safer.

Before you begin your Home Improvement

Making decisions on how to manage your furniture and declutter your work area before you start your home improvements will pay off in the long run. Short term storage options can help you maximise your space by removing furniture you’d otherwise have to work around during your DIY project.

Taking advantage of DIY storage on a temporary basis gives you a decluttered environment to work in and reduces the chance of damage or breakages. Packing things up and moving them out of your working area and into a temporary storage unit will speed things up too – and you won’t end up with paint spatters on the sofa or plaster dust in your electrical items.

Once your possessions are safely in self storage, the space is yours for as long (or short) a time as you need. With flexible storage room contracts, you can even change to a different sized storage unit if you need to.


When the DIY work is done

Safety is an important aspect of tool storage, as many tools could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Each self storage room has a personal pin, and all the storage units are individually alarmed, ensuring everything stays exactly as you left it. Knowing you’ve organised safe tool storage in safe and secure off site storage will give you peace of mind between DIY jobs.

Self storage units used for tool storage may also help protect tools against rust or damp as they’re all purpose built storage facilities and well insulated. This also keeps the temperature fairly constant (allowing for seasonal variations). Tool storage can also help save you money, since when you’re tackling new DIY projects every year, you don’t want to replace tools on top of buying expensive materials.

Self storage rooms come in lots of different sizes, with many just right for DIY storage and safekeeping tools and equipment. You can also put shelves in your storage space to keep things organised. Trolleys are available at our storage facilities to save you traipsing back and forth carrying heavy boxes.

So, whether you need storage for important and expensive tools or you’re protecting precious furnishings, temporary storage can make the DIY job less messy, more effective and much more secure.

And who knows, when you discover how self storage can make light work of home improvements, it might encourage you to do even more DIY, decorating and home renovations in the future!

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