August 25, 2016



Self Storage Buddy Sheffield decided to do a unique thing compared to most other Self Storage facilities in Sheffield, we wanted you to get the information you needed as quick as possible which in most cases is the cost of the service, therefore we thought it was right to show the prices on our site, allowing you not to do the boring task of enquiring for a price or waiting around for a quote, below are the prices!


25 Sqft Unit
£7.50 Per Week
One of our best Units.
This Unit gives people more space at home, storing items which seem to get in the way at home.
Popular with Students who are wanting to store for the summer
50 Sqft Unit
£12.50 Per Week
Most popular Unit.
Usually can fit a full house worth of items in.
100 Sqft Unit
£25.00 Per Week
Easily does the job for a full house.
Gives customers more space to organise items.
Popular for business storage.

70 Sqft Unit
£15.00 per week
Amazing offer saving you £2.50 per week!
The height is slightly less however you get most floor space!
Customers prefer this as they dont want to put items on top of each other therefore having more floorspace helps with that!


Check more Self Storage Buddy Sheffield units that we have available, not all our unit are on this page however these are our most popular Units that customers feel will suit them and their needs. …

15 Sqft Unit
£5.00 Per Week
30 Sqft Unit
£8.75 Per Week
40 Sqft Unit
£10.00 Per Week
45 Sqft Unit
£11.25 Per Week

60 Sqft Unit
£15.00 Per Week
70 Sqft Unit
£17.50 Per Week
75 Sqft Unit
£18.75 Per Week
80 Sqft Unit
£20.00 Per Week



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